Branding Basics

While brand seems to be a common term thrown around by marketing professionals, there is not always a deep understanding of what it means from upper management.  Brand is not just a logo and a tagline.

Brand is a promise that you make to your customers about the experience, service or the product you offer.  If you do not have a way to distinguish your product, your logo and tagline will not resonate with your customers.  Your brand will not have staying power.

If you don’t know what your customers think of your product, you better find out.  It is central to defining or re-defining your brand.

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In Marketing, White Space is Critical

When developing creative for advertising, promotions or other marketing material, you don’t have to give every detail.  Grab your prospects attention and get them to act.  White space can help lead your prospect to the call to action, making it stand out.

Too much copy is overwhelming to the eye and often prevents the prospect from seeing the call to action.  Besides too much copy is just ick!  It will not likely be memorable in your prospects mind either.

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Who can resist a marketing lesson from Dr. Suess?

Not me!  Check out this article from LinkedIn.

Many organizations tend skip to the marriage stage when trying to sell their product or service. Don’t forget introductions and dating are critical to establishing trust with your customers. Green Eggs and Ham speaks to the importance of  persistence.  Read this article and share your thoughts.

green-eggs-ham free

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